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F I L M  S Y N O P S I S


24 hours On the Reef ( Red Sea Egypt ) | Matthew Stockreiter.


Off the eastern desert, time drives this story forward as we meet some of the reef's most charismatic characters. Throughout various times of the day. Exploring coral shallows, open water, grass beds, and old wrecks.



Copyright 2019 Created by Matthew Stockreiter Original Soundtrack By Ethan Roberts Narrated By Dr. Christ Best


E Q U I P M E N T  U S E D 


-  Panasonic GH4


-  GoPro Hero 7 Black, Nautical Housing


-  Panasonic 45mm f2.8 Macro


-  Panasonic 7-14mm 


-  Nauticam GH4 (Underwater Housing)


-  Nauticam Video Lights


-  Nauticam Underwater Video Tripod


-  GoPro Extension Pole

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     A D D I T I O N A L  E Q U I P M E N T 


-Scubapro Nova Scotia 7.5mm Semi-Dry


-Scubapro MK25 EVO DIN 300 1ST Stage​


-Scubapro S600 Dive Regulator System 2nd


-Scubapro R195 Octopus

-Scubapro Compact Pressure Gauge 400 BAR

-​Scubapro LP Hose With Connector

-Suunto D6I NOVO Dive Computer


-Equator BCD, W/ Air2 V Gen

-Mares X Vision Ultra Mirrored Dual Lens


-Tusa Imprex Duo Scuba Fins​

     F I L M  C R E D I T S


Director / Cinematographer Matthew Stockreiter​


Narrator Dr. Chris Best


Original Score (Soundtrack) Ethan Roberts


Red Sea Diving Safari


Special Thanks

Jane Morgan

Helen Perkins

Gina Goodman

Anna Roberts

Ray Wong

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24 Hours On The Reef

24 Hours On The Reef

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F I L M  S Y N O P S I S

An award-nominated short nature documentary that tells the story of Falmouth Marina in Cornwall, exploring the coexistence between man and nature.

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Narrated by Dr. Huw Lewis-Jones


Cinematographer: Matthew Stockreiter


Cinematographer / Script: Ollie Smith


Cinematographer / Script: Ellie Stones


Cinematographer / Key Editor: Max Smith

Equipment List:


 - Panasonic DMC-GH4RE-K Lumix


 - LUMIX G VARIO 14-140mm


 - Lens Metabones Adapter


 - Canon 6D Mark II


 - Nikon 810 Canon 100-400mm ii IS USM


 - Canon 50mm 1.2 IS USM


 - Canon 24-70mm 2.8 IS USM


 - Canon 1.4x Teleconverter


 - Canon 2x Teleconverter


 - Sigma AF 800mm f 5.6 APO EX DG HSM


 - Sigma 150-600 mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM


 - GoPro Hero 7 Black


 - Zoom Recorder H4N


 - Parabolic Microphone


 - Hydrophone


 - Manfrotto Tripod


 - Extension Pole